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Founder Superpowers - Goal Setting

This month’s Superpower - Goal Setting

In honor of the New Year, this first tip in the series comes from our own Underdog Labs founder, David Hehman:

I have always been a goal setter as a way to focus my time and energy, and to motivate myself. The act of declaring and sharing my goals has helped me consistently achieve them. I like to keep my annual goals simple: just one personal and one professional.

For 2021, my professional goal is to raise a larger fund and double down on the success Alex and I had in 2020. To achieve this goal will require us to hone our strategy and have a ton of meetings to find the right partners who share our vision of helping entrepreneurs.

Personally, at 52, I'm resolved to relax and enjoy life more. I've worked since I was a kid and plan to continue working until I'm unable. Watching my grandfather and reading about others, I learned that staying engaged is critical. I love the blend of investing, teaching, and company building that we do each day.

As I've learned over life, relationships matter most. In that vein, to achieve this personal goal, I plan to spend more quality time with my family, visit more friends (even if it's virtual!), and simply do more fun activities. I'll strive to not let external factors like the pandemic, politics, or economic market swings whip my emotions around. I have made a commitment to getting involved locally in my community and making a positive difference in things I can influence. Here's to successfully achieving your 2021 goals!

Here are a couple of resources if you want to go deeper:

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