Trying to decide if starting a company is the right move for you?  Have an idea for a business that you're unsure of?

The Underdog Labs Spark Program is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs who are at the very beginning of their journey sharpen the focus on a potential idea and identify the key success and risk factors that go into turning that idea into reality.

This program is free to a select set of applicants, and designed to help budding founders validate their idea and create a specific game plan for moving forward.

The program consists of a series of virtual meetings with an Underdog Labs partner:

  1. Intros - Get to know each other and discuss the early product/business vision at a high level

  2. Product & Market - More in depth discussion of your idea/product/service and what pain/problem it solves.  How is it unique and different?  What does the market environment look like and can you win?

  3. Economics & Capital - How will you generate revenue?  What is likely capital need to move forward?  Where to raise it

  4. Gut check and Game plan - After these discussions is this still the right idea to pursue?  Gut check your commitment & passion.  Discuss simple action plan to move forward 

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