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Founder Superpowers - Laser Focus

This month’s Superpower - Laser Focus We all know focus is important. But how good are we at truly exhibiting it? This week we share a note about the Superpower of Focus from two of our portfolio company founders: My superpower is laser focus. As a founder there can be so many distractions, so it's important to focus on what's important and tune out the rest. As a team, we bring focus to our work with our KPIs. We have dashboards for all our initiatives and a main company dashboard that includes each team's key metrics. The dashboard publishes a screenshot to a Slack channel each day. Everyone on the team does a daily check-in on that post with either a simple "thumbs up" emoji or a comment. So every day we're all focused on what matters most.” - Jill Paiz-Bourque, Founder/CEO RushTix ”I would say so far ours has been focus. Every week we write out the hypotheses we're trying to prove or client goals we're trying to hit, and push each other to draw the line between any hour of work we're doing to these weekly or monthly goals. If the line isn't strong enough by consensus we put it in our backlog. This has helped us avoid the infinite rabbit holes that can arise from building data infrastructure for edge cases that different customers have in their financial data.” - Manav Malhotra, Founder/CEO Blue Onion Labs

We believe technology innovation powers infinite opportunity and progress. If you’re a founder who shares this core belief -

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